6 Awesome Design Features For Your Kitchen Renovation

August 29, 2022

6 awesome design features for your kitchen renovation

The kitchen is often the central hub of a household and the more functional it is, the more efficiently you can run things! Here are some impressive design features to consider if you are embarking on a kitchen renovation in the near future.


1. Docking Drawers

I love that you can use this product to create a charging station for smaller electronics as well as create stations for larger kitchen appliances. Imagine not having to lift out the mixer every time you use it or being able to hide the toaster away in a cabinet without unplugging it! Check out all the possibilities with .

kitchen docking drawer for electronics

 kitchen docking drawer storage with electrical outlets

2. Corner Drawers

This is a great solution if you aren't crazy about having a Lazy Susan, like me.

kitchen corner drawer storage

3. Double Roll Back Drawers

Who can fit all their silverware in one drawer anyway!? I love this space spacing idea! I found a few .

double roll back drawers for kitchen silverware storage

4. Rev-A Shelf Corner Cabinet Pullout

A great space saving solution and again, much better than a Lazy Susan, in my opinion.

kitchen cabinet corner storage Rev A Shelf

5. Pet Feeding Station Drawer

This is perfect if you want to hide away your pets food bowls during non-feeding times.

built in pet food feeding station drawer

6. Under Cabinet Hidden Pet Door

A great solution for a pet door which, let's face it, can sometime be an eye sore.

hidden pet door in kitchen

I hope you enjoyed these ideas! It is always my goal to inspire and be your go-to-gal for all things interior design!



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